RTO Full Form, What is the Full Form of RTO with RTO State Code?

I. Full Form of RTO: Regional Transport Office/ Road Transport Office

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RTO Ka Full Form Kya Hai

  • RTO Ka Full Form Regional Transport Office Hai.
  • यह Indian Government का एक bureau है जो vehicles registration के लिए responsible है.
  • यह India के every state में situate है जो driving license and vehicle registration card issue करता है.
  • India के almost every state में most of districts में क्Regional Transport Offices हैं.
  • RTO offices में digital card provide करते हैं.
  • Driver’s license and Vehicle Registration, pan card size के साथ card के form में provide किया जाता है.
  • RTO, request status, contact details, and vehicles tax rates जैसी information के लिए e-services की facility provide करते हैं.
Full Form of RTO
RTO: Road Transport Office

Complaints on Corruption

2014 में Union Minister of Road Transport द्वारा corruption को रोकने के लिए online functions को increase के लिए एक proposal pass किया गया था.

II. RTO ka Full Form: Regional Transport Officer

Regional Transport Officer किसी particular area or district के Regional Transport Office का chief होता है.

Different RTO State Code

  • RTO Code of Andhra Pradesh: AP
  • RTO Code of Arunachal Pradesh: AR
  • Bihar RTO Code: BR
  • RTO Code of Chhatisgarh: CH
  • RTO Code of Goa: GA
  • Gujarat RTO Code: GJ
  • RTO Code of Himachal Pradesh: HP
  • RTO Code of Haryana: HR
  • Jharkhand RTO Code: JH
  • RTO Code of Jammu and Kashmir: JK
  • RTO Code of Karnataka: KA
  • Kerala RTO Code: KL
  • RTO Code of Lakshadweep: LD
  • RTO Code of Maharashtra: MH
  • Meghalaya RTO Code: ML
  • RTO Code of Manipur: MN
  • RTO Code of Madhya Pradesh: MP
  • Mizoram RTO Code: MZ
  • RTO Code of Nagaland: NL
  • RTO Code of Odisha: OD
  • Punjab RTO Code: PB
  • RTO Code of Rajasthan: RJ
  • RTO Code of Sikkim: SK
  • Tamil Nadu RTO Code: TN
  • RTO Code of Telangana: TS
  • RTO Code of Tripura: TR
  • Uttar Pradesh RTO Code: UP
  • RTO Code of Uttarakhand: UK
  • RTO Code of West Bengal: WB

Conclusion For “Full Form of RTO”

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